Nox Ruit…Hic locus est
for solo oboe (2022)

First Performance:
July 7, 2022
Chris Vettraino, Oboe
Royal Academy of Music

Duration: c.6.30 minutes

Nox Ruit…Hic locus est is one of a collection of 200 solo pieces commissioned to
celebrate the bicentenary of the Royal Academy of Music in 2022.

Programme note:

A contribution to the Royal Academy’s bicentenary in 2022, Nox Ruit… Hic Locus est (Night falls…
this is the place) takes material from my oboe and orchestra work Viae (Pathways), recasting and
recontextualising various portions of the original narrative. Whilst not an overt showpiece for the
instrument, the work nevertheless poses challenges of technique, pacing, and shaping.
The composer wishes to thank oboist Chris Vettraino for his premiere performance and for various
suggestions and assistance in the preparations of this work.